PhD Students

Online FAQ and other resources for CI PhD students

In this rapidly changing situation, our universities have initially focused their advice and guidance on the widest possible groups, and not much was directed at research students working off-site. That is now beginning to change and more tailored advice for research students is emerging. The following links take you to advice offered by each of the CI partner universities. All may be useful in some way to all of our students, so do browse through the full set. The Lancaster page has a specific set of FAQs for research students. There may be some unintentional contradictions between different sources of advice. This will probably be ironed out over the coming days. If you have any concerns about this then please contact your supervisor in the first instance.

We have also compiled a list of links to Covid-19 advice pages at overseas laboratories which is also included below.

Lancaster –

Liverpool –

Manchester –

Strathclyde –






Cornell –