General Accelerator Science and Technology
Introduction to Particle accelerators

Electromagnetics and Relativity

Vacuum Systems and surface science

Beam Diagnostics Electron and Ion Sources
Beam Dynamics
Introduction to Beam Dynamics

Lattice design and computational dynamics

Single particle dynamics

Collective effects

Practical Accelerator Design
Radio Frequency Systems
Introduction to RF

RF Linear Accelerators


Superconducting RF
Magnets and Radiation Sources
Conventional Magnets for Accelerators

Undulators and Synchrotron Radiation

Free Electron Lasers
Short-Wavelength Accelerators
Introduction to Short Wavelength Accelerators

Novel electromagnetic materials for high frequency accelerators

Particle-beam driven Plasma Wakefield Accelerators (PWFA)
and more...

The Cockcroft Institute offers a two year postgraduate course in all areas of accelerator science and technology. All lectures are webcast and the video archived. Our lecture slides and video’s are free to anyone outside the institute, but we would appreciate an email so we know who is using it. To access slides or video click on the links below.

New to accelerator science?

The introductory lectures aim to introduce a range of topics and provide a broad overview of accelerator topics.

Webinars are available here 

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Joint CI-JAI lectures can also be found here

The CI student handbook contains information for our students and the course syllabus.