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Current Opportunities

We are now recruiting for PhD positions to start October 2019, with the possibility to start earlier than that. Please apply using the link below.


CI PhD Application Form (.docx)


“NEG Coating Impact on Future Particle Accelerators”
“Advanced Dielectric Structure Based Particle Accelerators”
“Ultra-high Gradient Acceleration using Carbon Nanotube Arrays”
“A dispersive bunch decompressor and its potential”
“Particle Accelerators for X-ray Cargo Screening”
“Studying the applicability of multilayer thin film structures to superconducting RF cavities”
“High brightness photoelectron sources”
“Beam transport issues in high-power x-ray Free Electron Lasers”
“Study of Hybrid Plasmas”
“Alkali Antimonide Photocathodes”


Who works at Cockcroft?

Our institute has over 200 world-class researchers working on the most exciting accelerator science in the world today. We regularly recruit across all career stages from summer internships, PhD students, research fellows, postdoctoral researchers, and academic and scientific research staff. Who we are looking for Highly motivated, skilled and dynamic researchers at all career stages. We primarily recruit physicists and engineers with relevant skills.

Why work with us

The purpose of the Institute is to research, design and develop particle accelerators – machines that can be used to reveal the nature of matter – to probe what happened at the instant the universe was born, as well as to develop new materials and medicines to improve our quality of life. These machines are at the cutting-edge of technology, pushing to the limits our ability to control and understand processes happening at the smallest scales, and at the speed of light. They range from very small instruments built to manipulate a difficult process, to large sources of particles to create and probe the innermost workings of atoms. The global economy can afford only a few of these larger machines, so they demand collaboration between multi-national teams of the world’s best scientists and engineers.

Graduate and postgraduate schemes

The Institute offers comprehensive training for all career stages, from summer internship, undergraduate and PhD projects, all the way to world-class research opportunities for experienced researchers.