Rutherford Plasma Physics Communications Prize

Cockcroft lecturer Dr Laura Corner, together with University of Liverpool student Cara Hawkins, have been awarded the Rutherford Plasma Physics Communications Prize for their episode on the podcast The Liverpool Scientific.

This podcast was started in October 2020 by Cara Hawkins, an MPhys student, and is based on the Radio 4 programme ‘The Life Scientific’. In the podcast episodes, Cara Hawkins interviews scientists and engineers from across the University of Liverpool, talking about their research and career.

In the prize-winning episode, Miss Hawkins chats with Dr Laura Corner about her research in plasma-based acceleration at the Cockcroft Institute and the University of Liverpool. They also covered Dr Corner’s family tradition of studying physics, how plasma wakefield acceleration works, and how producing a hologram in labs led her into a lifelong career studying laser physics.

The Rutherford Communications Prize is awarded by the IoP Plasma Physics group to scientists who exemplify excellence in outreach to the general public through the communication of plasma physics.

Cara Hawkins and Dr Laura Corner were invited to give the Rutherford prize talk on 9 April at the 47th IoP Plasma Physics Conference.

You can listen to the award-winning episode via the following link: