Cockcroft Institute Member takes over as chair of the Particle Accelerator Engineering Community in the IET

Prof Graeme Burt has taken over from Dan Faircloth as the chair of the Particle Accelerator Engineering Network. The network is jointly supported by IET, IMechE, IoP and STFC but is officially located within the IET as a particle accelerator engineering community.

Professor Graeme Burt

The group was co-founded by Graeme and Dan in 2014 in response to the lack of networking events for engineers working on accelerators. The group has a well attended annual meeting each September as well as smaller focussed meetings throughout the year, operates an early career prize, and runs a technician training event. The network involves all types of engineers, technicians and applied physicists working on accelerators. The handover occurred at the end of this years annual meeting, held on Zoom this year. The annual meeting in 2021 is aimed to be held in CERN, and several events are planned for 2021 including accelerator efficiency, simulation of accelerators, functional safety and controls.

Prof Burt said “Dan has taken this network from an idea at a coffee break at the IOP meeting in 2013, to getting IET and IMECHE officially onboard and becoming a community. I want to give him a debt of thanks for handing me over the network in such good shape.