Promotional videos of Cockcroft Institute now online

The Cockcroft Institute has launched three new promotional videos on its YouTube channel as part of its campaign to attract the best PhD candidates from throughout the world.

In the video Welcome to Cockcroft, senior members of the Institute describe the nature of the institute and its activities, as well as the importance of accelerator research for science and society. The video highlights the strengths of the Institute and its unique range of expertise. Cockcroft director Peter Ratoff says: “We are a well-known name throughout the world, both for our research and also for our outstanding education and training programme.

In a second video, PhD life at Cockcroft, several PhD students from Cockcroft Institute share their motivations and their experiences working at the Institute. PhD student Jenny Morgan says: “If you are looking for accelerators or plasma physics, this is where it’s happening, this is where the facilities are, and this is where the expertise is.

A short version of this video has the format of a commercial advertising and it is directly aimed at recruiting PhD students. Please share it through your social media channels: Interested in a Physics PhD?