Accelerators for Security, Healthcare and the Environment (ASHE) Newsletter, Issue 1

The Cockcroft Institute has released the inaugural issue of our new Accelerators for Security, Healthcare and the Environment (ASHE) newsletter where we hope to update stakeholders on industrially relevant work going on within the Cockcroft Institute. Each issue we will update on some of the students working within ASHE, as well as news items from Daresbury Laboratory. For those of you new to ASHE, ASHE is a doctoral training centre based within the Cockcroft Institute focused on collaboration with UK healthcare and industry. Initially funded by STFC, ASHE is now arching over all PhD research at the Cockcroft Institute with industry excluding those explicitly part of our other DTC’s and EU training networks.

In this issue we have articles on a new compact cyclotron, an STFC/Teledyne e2v collaboration, an ASHE PhD presenting at Westminster, Very High Electron Energy Radiotherapy and a high gradient proton linac.

You can access the newsletter here: