Institute of Engineering and Technology make videos at Cockcroft on the role on Engineers working on accelerators

The IET has made a series of videos to promote the Particle Accelerator Engineering Network community within the IET (co-sponsored by the IMechE Mechatronics group). The videos were shot at Daresbury and The Christie Hospital and cover 4 themes, international accelerator projects, medical accelerators, industrial linacs and future particle accelerators.

Several Cockcroft engineers and applied physicists were interviewed from ASTeC, Lancaster, Manchester and Strathclyde including Peter McIntosh, Graeme Burt, Susan Smith, Steve Jamison, Mohammed Shahzad, James Henderson, Anthony Gleeson, Alisa Healy, Mark Pendleton, Tom Jones and Jim Clarke. The videos provide an excellent insight into the major role accelerator engineers play in the design and construction of particle accelerators and cover electronic, electrical, mechanical, cryogenic, control, RF and nuclear engineering. The videos also discuss the major role particle accelerators play in medical, security and industrial sectors.

Videos on engineering of accelerators, produced by IET: