Activities on Beam Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration

Dr Oznur Mete of the University of Manchester

The particle accelerator community is in pursuit of advanced technologies that will allow more efficient, compact and cost-effective accelerators. Developing such technologies will open a new era for particle colliders as well as for medical and industrial applications. Plasma wakefield acceleration has been one of the most appealing advanced accelerating techniques during the last few decades. Plasma wakefields can be orders of magnitude larger than can be achieved by conventional RF-based particle accelerators. Nevertheless, the beam quality preservation is still an important problem to be tackled to ensure the practicality of this technology. In Manchester, we conduct research to address the issues of the scheme and to benchmark the milestones in Daresbury Laboratory as well as contributing to a unique experiment, AWAKE at CERN. In this talk, I will summarise our activities, mid to long term plans and existing collaborations.