Cockcroft Institute Contributions to IBIC 2013

This year the International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC) took place in Oxford, UK from 16th-20th September.

The QUASAR Group’s EU Project T.E.A.M, based at The Cockcroft Institute, attended the conference and had a strong presence with a EU projects stand. In addition there was also a stand from STFC/ASTeC presenting the new VELA facility on Daresbury Campus. In total there were 6 poster contributions from ASTeC, as well as 1 oral and 14 poster contributions from Liverpool researchers.

The EU projects stand was hosted by Dr. Rob Ashworth and Helen Williams who promoted the EU projects LA3NET and oPAC, saw the official launch of the LA3NET brochure, disseminated initial research results and actively promoted future network events.

Poster contributions included e.g. development of a Novel Pickup for Bunch Arrival Time Monitor, work on a femtosecond resolution Electro-Optic diagnostic using a nanosecond-pulse laser (both ASTeC), secondary emission monitor, a non-invasive monitor for medical applications, a secondary emission monitor for antimatter beams, beam position monitor development for low energy beam facilities and initial results using laser self-mixing for gas jet probing.


Further information – IBIC Homepage