How Science Conferences Power Liverpool’s Economy and Innovation Scene

CI member Carsten P. Welsch, Head of the QUASAR Group at the Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, spoke at the recent Annual Recognition event at Knowsley Hall about his experience in bringing large scale science events to Liverpool and the region. In 2022, Carsten Welsch together with Peter McIntosh (STFC Daresbury Laboratory) received a Certificate of Recognition for bringing the 31st International Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC) to Liverpool, which contributed £990,000 to the Liverpool City Region economy. Next in line will be the 14th International Beam Conference (IBIC) in 2025 which will take place in Liverpool between 7 – 11 September. The conference will be jointly hosted by STFC, the John Adams Institute and the Cockcroft Institute.

Carsten P Welsch speaking at this year’s Annual Recognition event at Knowsley Hall.

2023 was the biggest year yet for Club Liverpool Ambassador-led conferences, with 24 events taking place in Liverpool. The conferences brought to the city through this programme contributed £10 million of economic impact in 2023, benefiting hotels, restaurants, event spaces, and tourist attractions.

These events generate very significant economic impact, put a spotlight onto science and innovation in Liverpool, and allow us to present our wonderful City to the world. These events also add to Club Liverpool’s success story with over £95 million of economic impact generated since its inception in 2015 and thousands of delegates from around the globe visiting Liverpool.

The Club Liverpool Ambassador Programme is a network of Liverpool academics and professionals who volunteer their time to help bid for conferences to bring economic growth and value to Liverpool City Region. They offer free advice and support to bid for and host events in the city, as well as providing the opportunity to network with other influential people in the same position.