CI student wins early-career engineer poster competition

The particle accelerator engineering network held an early-career engineering poster competition during this year’s Particle Accelerator Engineering Network (PAEN) annual meeting. The competition was open to graduate engineers and engineering students either in industry, national laboratories or universities, and open to all age ranges.

The winner was Nathan Leicester from Lancaster University/Cockcroft Institute for his poster on ‘Design and Testing of Longitudinally Split 6GHz SRF Cavities’. The judges felt than Nathan had excellent ability to talk about the poster and answer questions. He received a £100 gift voucher and an IET certificate.

This year’s posters were presented by PhD students, year in industry students, technicians and graduate engineers and covered several areas of particle accelerator engineering (mechanical, electronic, electrical, control, etc). The jury for the competition was the PAEN committee.

Nathan Leicester won this year’s early-career engineer poster competition. (Image credit: Dan Faircloth/STFC)