War in Ukraine

At the Cockcroft Institute we deplore the action taken by the Russian state against the people of Ukraine. We are appalled by the terror and senseless loss of life that has resulted and hope that a peaceful resolution of this crisis can be achieved as soon as possible. The Cockcroft Institute staff and students comprise a diverse range of national origins, heritage, and personal connections. The international makeup is one of the great strengths of the Institute. However, it is important to emphasize that we oppose the actions of the Russian state and not the Russian people. We have great sympathy for the many Russian scientists working either in Russia or abroad who have grave misgivings about the military operations being perpetrated by its leaders. We also recognise that individuals in Russia or with close Russian connections may not be free to speak out on the war in Ukraine. We will not initiate new collaborative ventures with Russian research organisations for the foreseeable future and have suspended current collaborative activities with Russian institutes and companies. Nevertheless, members of the Institute will continue to treat all collaborators, regardless of nationality, with compassion, dignity, and respect. The Cockcroft Institute Management Committee 10th March 2022.