Centre of Excellence
The Cockcroft Institute’s cross-cutting applications programme allows its expertise to be used to address global challenges in health, security, energy, manufacturing and the environment, and to train the next generation of accelerator experts.
Frontier Accelerators
The Cockcroft Institute is carrying out a lot of its research in collaboration with large scale research facilities, such as CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.
Medical Accelerators
CI researchers are carrying out developments into particle beam based cancer therapy and lead the European network OMA. Source: Thomas Kästenbauer
PhD Opportunities
The Cockcroft institute is looking for bright and enthusiastic individuals with degrees in Physics, Engineering or Mathematics and with an interest in accelerator science and technology
Outreach at the Cockcroft Institute
The Cockcroft Institute is committed to the public understanding of science, and the communication of the scientific work of the Institute to the wider community. We can provide scientific talks and visits to clubs and education establishments by Institute staff, and will organise outreach activities at the Institute throughout the year.
Business & Industry
The Cockcroft Institute works closely with industry to apply its knowledge, skills and facilities to industrial challenges.

During the national emergency the Cockcroft Institute is trying to continue its business as efficiently and effectively as possible. After the 3 month lockdown in the spring, staff and students have returned to working at the Daresbury Laboratory site in increasingly larger numbers. Whilst experimental operations were disrupted for a few months, the majority of these activities have now resumed whilst many other types of work are continuing online. These include our world renowned education and training programme; software, modelling and simulation; data analysis from recent experiments, dissemination of knowledge through publications, online conferences and workshops; collaborative projects with businesses; applications of accelerators for security, healthcare and the environment; and our highly praised public engagement programmes.

We understand that this is a worrying time for everyone in the country. Science will play a major role in helping to mitigate this crisis, although it will take some time for that to roll out and have the necessary impact. We are proud to be associated with accelerator staff at Diamond Light Source who are enabling X-ray crystallography studies of coronavirus and potential drugs and vaccines for its treatment, and we are seeking further ways in which we might assist the global effort to defeat this dreadful threat.

We are also working hard to support our PhD students at the Institute. A number of resources specifically tailored for research students may be found here