Very High Energy Electron Radiotherapy:
Medical & Accelerator Physics Aspects
Towards Machine Realisation

July 24-26 2017

The Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury Laboratory, UK



This workshop will explore fundamental issues associated with the development of a radiotherapy machine capable of delivering 250 MeV electrons at a high dose. The development of VHEE can be traced back to DeRosiers [1] We will explore both the dose delivery aspects, and the potential to realise a radiotherapy machine suitable for patient treatment. In the former, Monte Carlo modelling of the dose distribution will feature and will entail contrasting with extant therapy techniques —potential benefits and disadvantages will be highlights. The accelerator physics part of the workshop will address the practicalities of realising a medical radiotherapy machine —equipped with multiple linacs surrounding the patient on a fixed gantry system. High gradient linac development will feature, and the application, with suitable modification of X-band linacs already developed for linear colliders (CLIC and NLC/JLC), will be considered.

[1] C. DesRosiers et al, Phys. in Medicine and Biology, 45, 1781 (2000). Also, PhD thesis,C. DesRosiers, 2000, An evaluation of very high energy electron beams (up to 250 MeV) in radiation therapy.




Scientific Programme Committee:
Roger M. Jones University of Manchester/Cockcroft Institute, UK– Chair
Colin Baker Royal Berkshire Hospital, UK
Yong Ho Chin KEK, Japan
Colleen DesRosiers Indiana University, USA
Manjit Dosanjh CERN, Switzerland
John Allen Elekta, UK
Angeles Faus-Golfe LAL, France
Toshiyasu Higo KEK, Japan
Dino A. Jaroszynsk University of Strathclyde/CI, UK
Karen Kirkby University of Manchester/CI, UK
Ranald Mackay The Christie, University of Manchester, UK
Peter McIntosh STFC Daresbury Laboratory/CI, UK
Steve Myers ADAM S.A., Switzerland
Hywel Owen University of Manchester/CI, UK
Jiaru Shi Tsinghua University, China
Sami Tantawi SLAC National Accelerator Lab, USA
Marcel Van Herk The Christie/University of Manchester , UK
Alan Wheelhouse STFC Daresbury Laboratory/CI, UK

Local Organising Committee:
Deepa Angal-Kalinin STFC Daresbury Laboratory/CI, UK – Chair
Roger M. Jones University of Manchester/CI, UK
Nirav Joshi University of Manchester/CI, UK
Michelle Keeley STFC Daresbury Laboratory/CI, UK
Peter McIntosh STFC Daresbury Laboratory/CI, UK
Hywel Owen University of Manchester/CI, UK
Sue Waller STFC Daresbury Laboratory/CI, UK

If you have any queries please contact: ciastecevents@stfc.ac.uk

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Workshop Dinner:


There will be a workshop dinner taking place on Tuesday 25th July 2017. The cost of the dinner will be covered by the workshop and transport will be provided to and from the venue.

Local Attractions:


The Cockcroft Institute is ideally situated for visitors to the beautiful countryside of the Lake District and the fabulous mountains of Snowdonia. Also in easy travelling distance are Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and Lancaster. Within walking distance of the Cockcroft Institute is the beautiful All Saints Church Daresbury which house the stained glass Lewis Carroll Memorial Windows.

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For more information, please visit the following website or contact Sue Waller or Michelle Keeley at ciastecevents@stfc.ac.uk



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Students are encouraged to present a poster. This will be displayed throughout the workshop and will also be manned during a special session - in which judging will occur. A prize will be presented for the best poster.

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