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We are pleased to invite you to the International Workshop on Higher-Order-Mode Diagnostics and Suppression in Superconducting Cavities. Beam-excited  higher order modes (HOMs), if left unchecked, can appreciably dilute the beam quality, and in the worst case scenario can give rise to a beam break up instability. This workshop brings together researchers studying HOM suppression in superconducting cavities in fields ranging from energy recovery linacs, light sources and linear collider applications. This workshop encompassed issues in both electron and proton linacs TESLA style cavities, third harmonic cavities, and TEM crabbing and other cavity designs will be considered.   Sampling these HOMs also provides a means of diagnosing the beam’s position, cavity alignment, as well as intra-cell alignment. Beam dynamics considerations  drive the damping requirements.   Current experiments at FLASH, Cornell University, JLab, FNAL will be reviewed. The necessity of employing HOM couplers will be discussed –along with the potential for the removal of these couplers. The current status of both experimental and theoretical work in this area will be discussed. The status of laboratory cryomodule configurations, such as the Daresbury International Cryomodule Configuration (DICC), will be reviewed.


This meeting receives support from the Board of the International Committee for Future Accelerators and is a mini-ICFA workshop

This is an active, broad, and important area of research and, on behalf of the programme committee,
I look forward to seeing you in June!


If you would like to give a presentation at this workshop please supply a title and abstract to sue.waller@stfc.ac.uk.



Early Registration Deadline: 14/05/2012

Student Bursary Deadline: 14/05/2012





    • HOM BPM diagnostics and measurement methods
    • HOM couplers and influence of FP couplers
    • Novel HOM suppression in TEM and other cavity shapes
    • Special considerations in third harmonic, deflecting and crab cavities
    • RF absorbing materials
    • Antenna HOM absorbers abstract booklet
    • Beam-pipe HOM absorbers
    • Waveguide HOM absorbers
    • HOM simulation tools and models

    Student support


    Students seeking a bursary should send a letter of application stating why they wish to attend, accompanied by a letter of reference from their supervisor to sue.waller@stfc.ac.uk


    Students are encouraged to bring along a poster – these will be judged and a prize awarded. Posters should be 116 cm x 90 cm landscape.