Education and Training

The establishment of a national education agenda in accelerator science and technology is one of the CI’s aspirations. Training the next generation of accelerator scientists and researchers is central to the CI mission.

Our series of postgraduate-level lectures are provided as a free online resource. Held at the CI, the introductory courses are presented annually during the autumn and more specialised courses rotated biannually. The material covers topics under the themes of general accelerator science, RF systems, beam dynamics, magnets and short-wavelength accelerators (such as plasma and dielectric accelerators). All lectures are given by leaders in the field and are often internationally respected physicists and engineers.  An exciting seminar series invites both internal and external speakers to present their world-leading research at the CI.

In addition, CI has been the driving force behind European training initiatives in accelerator science and technology for many years. Through the DITANET (beam diagnostics), oPAC (Optimization of Particle Accelerators), LA³NET (Laser Applications at Accelerators), OMA (Optimization of Medical Accelerators) and AVA (Accelerators Validating Antimatter physics) projects CI researchers have proposed and coordinated some of the largest training initiatives in Europe – in any scientific area.

The CI also organizes many events including international schools, topical workshops and conferences for the wider accelerator community. You can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay informed about all upcoming events.

Join the Cockcroft Institute through an internship or PhD opportunity.

Any questions or feedback should be addressed to

Dr Hywel Owen, Head of Education and Training

or Dr Lee Jones, Head of Outreach