International Conference on Accelerator Optimization


The Cockcroft Institute has teamed up with the University of Seville’s Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA) to organize the first International Conference on Accelerator Optimization. The conference, funded by the oPAC Marie Curie Initial Training Network and coordinated by Prof. Carsten Welsch, will take place from 7 to 9 October 2015 in Seville (Spain), at the facilities of the CNA, one of the partners of the network.

Confirmed invited speakers include Dr. Oliver Brüning (Head of accelerators and beam physics group at CERN), Prof. Dr. Oliver Kester (Director of the Facility of Antiproton and Ion Research at GSI), Mr. Yves Jongen (founder and chief research officer of IBA Group), and Prof. Carlo Bocchetta (Project leader at the Polish Light Source – Solaris). The conference will offer the opportunity to present contributed talks and posters to all the accelerator science community. The topics covered include, but are not limited to, beam dynamics, beam diagnostics, simulation tools, and control and data acquisition systems. It will also promote the research outcomes from the oPAC project, fostering further collaborations between oPAC partners and participating scientists from outside the network. The proceedings will be published in a special edition of Physical Review STAB.

CNA Seville

CNA Seville


Registration for the conference is now open and the deadline for submission of abstracts is the 31st of July. The fee of €600 includes hotel accommodation with breakfast, conference documentation, lunches during the event, a cocktail reception, the conference tour and formal dinner, as well as daily transport from the hotel to CNA. Instructions for registration and further information about the event can be found on the conference indico page. The oPAC network is much obliged to CNA and Prof. Joaquín Gómez Camacho for hosting the conference.