IoP HEPP Half-Day meeting: Low-Energy Frontier of High Energy Particle Physics

Approximately 25 delegates attended a meeting dedicated to precision measurements and new particle searches at low-energy. Both theoretical and experimental topics were discussed providing a timely overview of developments in the field, and their interplay with the latest results in collider physics and astrophysics. The subjects discussed included theoretical motivations for axions and axion-like particles, and current searches at ADMX and at the Cockcroft Institute with CASCADE experiment; dark energy detection with atom interferometry; precision measurements with trapped anti-hydrogen in the ALPHA experiment, of the neutron electric dipole moment with CryoEDM experiment, and the proposed measurement of muon g-2 at Fermilab. Each of these areas of investigation address issues in particle physics that are complementary to more traditional collider experiments, and also to astrophysical data concerning, for example, the nature of dark matter and dark energy.


IOP HEPP group

The organizers of the meeting would like to thank the Cockcroft Institute for supporting this event.