The Cockcroft Institute

An International Centre for Research in
Accelerator Science and Technology


Cockcroft Institute Scientific Output

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Research Policy

The Objectives of the Institute are to develop a major international presence in research and development in accelerator science and technology with four broad themes:

Electron-positron colliders
Proton and ion accelerators including neutrino beams
Photon sources
Neutron sources

The Institute is establishing long-term international collaborations with accelerator institutes through a visitor programme and through participation in joint projects

Research Groups

The research groups of the Institute cover all the core disciplines of accelerator science and technology by linking university research groups to one or more research topics in The Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC) within STFC.

Accelerator Physics

Insertion Devices and Magnets
Liverpool University particle Physics Research Group
IPPP Durham University
ASTeC Daresbury Laboratory

Intense Beams

Radio-Frequency and Diagnostics
Lancaster University - Microwave Research Group
Lancaster University - Mathematical Physics Group
Lancaster University - Particle Physics Research Group

Vacuum Science


Current projects in ASTeC

Current projects in the Microwave Research Group at Lancaster
Multipactor discharge
Novel inductive output tubes
Stabilisation of c.w. magnetrons

Projects of the UK Linear Collider Collaboration (LC-ABD)
Crab cavity
( ,
Helical undulator (

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