The Cockcroft Institute

An International Centre for Research in
Accelerator Science and Technology


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Director: Swapan Chattopadhyay , Ph.D. (Berkeley)

Sir John Cockcroft Chair of Physics,
Universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Lancaster

Founding Director and Chief Scientist: John Dainton

Sir James Chadwick Chair of Physics,
University of Liverpool

Administrative Personnel (June 2007)

Liz Kennedy (Personal Assistant to the Director)

Liz Mason (CI Operations Manager)


Sue Waller (Personal Assistant to the ASTeC Director)

Leanne Fletcher (Administration Assistant)

Mary Highmore (Management Accountant)

Scientific Personnel (June 2007)


Mike Poole (ASTeC Director)

Lancaster University

Graeme Burt (Engineering)

David Burton (Physics)

Richard Carter (Engineering)

David Christie (Physics)

Sharon Crane (Engineering)

Amos Dexter (Engineering)

Jonathan Gratus (Physics)

Alison Hale (Physics)

Fay Hannon (Engineering)

Chris Hill (Engineering)

Richard Jenkins (Engineering)

Chris Lingwood (Engineering)

Adam Noble(Physics)

Volker Perlick (Physics)

Peter Ratoff (Physics)

Rebecca Seviour (Engineering)

Nick Shales (Physics)

Jonny Smith (Physics)

Matt Stables (Engineering)

Imran Tahir (Engineering)

Robin Tucker (Physics)

Emma Wooldridge (Engineering and STFC ASTeC)

University of Liverpool

Ian Bailey (Physics)

Gabriele Bassi (Physics)

John Dainton (Physics)

Tim Greenshaw (Physics)

Kai Hock (Physics)

Leo Jenner (Physics)

Maxim Korostelev (Physics)

Larisa Malysheva (Physics)

Kosmas Panagiotidis (Physics)

Duncan Scott (Physics and STFC ASTeC)

Andy Wolski (Physics)

Lei Zang (Physics)

University of Manchester

Robert Appleby (Physics and Astronomy)

Roger Barlow (Physics and Astronomy)

Adriana Bungau (Physics and Astronomy)

Chris Glasman (Physics and Astronomy)

Roger Jones (Physics and Astronomy)

Federico Roncarolo (Physics and Astronomy)

Anthony Scarfe (Physics and Astronomy)

Ian Shinton (Physics and Astronomy)

Ben Spencer (Physics and Astronomy)

Adina Toader (Physics and Astronomy)

Dragan Toprek (Physics and Astronomy)

University of Abertay, Dundee

Jonathan Philips (Physics)

Durham University

Gudi Moortgat-Pick (Physics)

University of Strathclyde

Cynthia Nam (Physics)

Distinguished Fellows of the Cockcroft Institute

Gerald Gabrielse

National Academy of Science, USA
Leverett Professor of Physics, Harvard University
Visiting Professor Department of Physics, University of Liverpool

Special Affiliates of the Cockcroft Institute

Wendy Flavell

University of Manchester,
(Photon Science and 4GLS)

Ken Peach

Director, John Adams Institute,
University of Oxford
(Accelerator Science and Technology for Particle, Nuclear and Medical Sciences)

Elaine Seddon

STFC and University of Manchester,
(Spintronics and 4GLS)

Peter Weightman

University of Liverpool,
(Surface Science and 4GLS)

University Visiting Professors

Desmond Barber

DESY and University of Liverpool

Jim Clarke

STFC ASTeC and University of Liverpool

Dewi Lewis

GE Healthcare and University of Liverpool

Ken Long

Imperial College and University of Liverpool

Neil Marks

STFC ASTeC and University of Liverpool

Mike Poole

STFC ASTeC Director and University of Liverpool

Keith Potter

CERN and University of Manchester

Victor Suller

CAMD Baton Rouge, USA and University of Liverpool

Management Committee (June 2007)

Professor Swapan Chattopadhyay, FInstP, FAPS, FAAAS

Professor Roger Barlow, Professor Richard Carter, Professor John Dainton FRS, Professor Mike Poole, Professor Peter Ratoff, Professor Robin Tucker

In presence: Ms. Liz Mason (Operations Manager, Cockcroft Institute)

Institute Board (June 2007)

Professor Mike Dexter FRS

Ex Officio Members
Professor Swapan Chattopadhyay, FInstP, FAPS, FAAAS (Director: Cockcroft Institute)

University Members
Professor Drummond Bone FRSA (VC: University of Liverpool),
Professor Alan Gilbert (VC: University of Manchester),
Professor Paul Wellings (VC: Lancaster University)

NWDA Members
Dr Steven Broomhead (CEO: NWDA)

STFC Members
Professor Keith Mason FRAS (CEO: STFC),
Professor Colin Whitehouse FREng (Deputy CEO: STFC, and Director: Daresbury Laboratory)

In attendance: Dr George Baxter (NWDA), Professor John Dainton, FRS (Founding Director and Chief Scientist, Cockcroft Institute), Ms. Liz Mason(Operations Manager, Cockcroft Institute), Professor John Perkins FREng (Vice President: University of Manchester), Professor Jon Saunders (proVice Chancellor: University of Liverpool), Dr Janet Seed (Head of Particle Physics: STFC)

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